MotionClip! 6.0.7

Analyze your sports team's performance on video

Vista support


  • Vista support

MotionClip! game film analysis software is designed for for coaches of any team sport. If you coach American football, soccer, baseball, or basketball, etc. then video game review software, statistical analysis and scouting software is a must. With MotionClip! software you can perform effective game film analysis, easily identifying each play with a simple mouse click. You can capture the plays from video tape or live at the game using our single key recording feature and any video camera.

Features of MotionClip!:

  • Unlimited game and play event definitions - works with any and all sports
  • Capture and tag plays from prerecorded video files, video tape, or live at the game
  • Associate free form textual commentary with every play
  • Video analysis tools including slow motion, reverse playback, and drawing tools
  • Sort and filter plays to focus on any aspect of the game
  • Instant "SmartStats" logic gives you statistical data on every play or scenario
  • Create highlight movies containing filtered & sorted plays with optional lead in screens
  • Export your videos and highlight movies back to DV or VHS tape
  • Create DVDs or VCDs for playback on any DVD system

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MotionClip! 6.0.7

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    Motion Clip.
    Not recommended - this is only a free trial version vaild for 10 minutes and it won't save any data...   More